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Jewish groups urge vigilance after Toledo synagogue plot uncovered

Federations’ Secure Community Network (SCN) and other Jewish groups praise the quick response to a potential terror plot against a Toledo synagogue. Read more.

Netanyahu: Hezbollah will get 'unimaginable blow' if it attacks

Netanyahu cautions Hezbollah against attacking Israel as a third terror tunnel is discovered in the country’s north. Read more.

Soviet immigration, once bane of Germany’s Jews, has become their salvation

Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union revitalize Germany’s Jewish community. Read more.

UN Security Council to meet on Hezbollah tunnels

The UN Security Council will hold a meeting in the coming days on the uncovering of Hezbollah terror tunnels that have penetrated into Israel, the country’s Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon said on Wednesday. Read more.

IDF discovers second Hezbollah terrorist tunnel crossing into Israel

The IDF asked UNIFIL to “neutralize” Hezbollah attack tunnels after it announced on Thursday that it had uncovered a second underground passageway, which originated from the southern Lebanese village of Ramya and extended into Israeli territory. Read more.