A Role Model for Aspiring Female Engineers in Israel

Darya is a woman among boys. This 18-year-old is one of the brightest stars at Federation partner agency World ORT’s Anieres Elite Academy in Israel, a science and tech-focused high school program for top international and Israeli students.

She was one of just nine students in her grade to pass the grueling entry exam to take engineering classes at the famous Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. She also dominated Israeli and global math competitions. Among the 250 participants in this year’s national math Olympics, she was one of fewer than 50 girls; she finished in the top 100.

Having grown up in a small Russian village, she could barely imagine this future. “I wanted to find a new life in Israel,” she says. Thanks to the Anieres program, “I’ve gotten smarter and grown up; it’s changed my life completely!”


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