Jewish Federations Condemn Vote to Declare Israel Apartheid State

In response to the overture approved this Friday by the Presbyterian Church (USA)’s International Engagement Committee that defined Israel as an apartheid state, Jewish Federations of North America have issued the following statement:

"Jewish Federations are not surprised by the latest antisemitic action taken by Presbyterian Church (USA) in its vote to adopt a resolution calling Israel an apartheid state. There was a time when their words mattered. That time is long gone. This resolution does nothing to further peace or foster a better future for Christians, Jews, and Muslims; Palestinians or Israelis. Its only intention is to demonize the Jews and Israel with the offensive and false allegation of apartheid. With this vote, the Presbyterian Church (USA) has shown itself to be an organization that is more interested in disparaging Israel and Israelis than assisting in any real reconciliation efforts."

Jewish Federations recognize and applaud those within the Presbyterian Church, especially local pastoral and community relationships, who stand against the antisemitism. We thank Presbyterians for Middle East Peace, an organization deeply committed to peace and justice for both Palestinians and Israelis, for their statement condemning this resolution.

Jewish Federations continue to build broad coalitions with our partners and allies in the Presbyterian Church and other faith-based institutions.


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