Federations Expand Support to additional NGO's Providing Relief to Refugees

The Jewish Federations of North America provided funding to five additional NGO's in their latest Ukraine campaign allocation that totaled $2 million, expanding the avenues of support for refugees struggling with the effects of the war.

Among the recipients of funding are Lev Echad for the creation of a resilience program in Lviv to strengthen the homefront, NCSEJ for critical monitoring and reporting work, Tikva Odessa for care of vulnerable populations, including Jewish orphans, Latet for the delivery of emergency food and hygiene boxes to new olim and itworks for support of new olim to enable them to focus on job training and study opportunities. Funds were also allocated to a host of other NGO's providing critical humanitarian aid to refugees, including Jewish Federations’ core partners The Jewish Agency for Israel, American Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) and World ORT.

“Though the headlines have dwindled, the humanitarian needs on the ground have continued to rise, and Jewish Federations continue to raise funds to alleviate the tremendous pain and suffering," said President and CEO of Jewish Federations of North America Eric Fingerhut. "Our latest round of allocations continues our commitment to understanding the needs as they change and evolve, and to ensuring that the most vulnerable populations can receive the necessary support and relief."

Since the launch of their campaign in February, Jewish Federations have collectively raised $73 million and allocated $61 million for over 50 NGO’s on the ground.

Jewish Federations were uniquely positioned to respond quickly and effectively to the crisis due to long-term support of their partner agencies operating in Ukraine and neighboring countries, together with their expansive network that supports wide-scale fundraising initiatives. Jewish Federations invest over $100 million annually in core, unrestricted funding to their partners to ensure that they have the infrastructure to support vulnerable Jewish communities and to respond to emergencies that arise.

Funds from the Ukraine relief campaign are also going to support Jewish Federations’ central volunteer hub which has placed close to 90 Russian-speaking Jews in volunteer assignments in Poland and Hungary, since the initiative was launched in March.

In addition to providing humanitarian aid for refugees, Jewish Federations successfully advocate for expanded refugee rights and resettlement and provide grants for support of displaced Ukrainians in the U.S. Last week, Jewish Federations announced a $1 million Ukrainian Resettlement Grant Initiative with matching funds from the Shapiro Foundation and the Combined Jewish Philanthropies, Boston’s Jewish Federation.

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