Jewish Federations stand in solidarity with Israel

Once again, on a holy day of the Jewish calendar, the people of Israel have come under attack.  Once again, the brave military forces of the State of Israel are responding and will defend our beloved Jewish state.  And once again the Jewish communities of North America stand in total and complete solidarity with our Israeli brethren. 


We pray for their safety and will do everything we can to ensure the complete and total success of their efforts.  And once again the Jewish Federations across North America will act immediately and comprehensively to support our brothers and sisters as they defend Israel. 


The prayer for the State of Israel we recite in synagogue every week - including this morning - says ונתת שלום בארץ ושמחת עולם ליושביה - “Grant peace in the land and happiness to all its residents.”  On this day, which is the holiday of Simchat Torah in Israel - we literally sing and dance with simcha - with happiness.  Today is not a day of simcha in Israel, but it is a day of solidarity, determination and utmost seriousness.    


Israel will prevail and the Jewish people will stand together as we always do.  Am yisrael chai.


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