#LivingIt: From D.

By D.

I came to Israel on July 7th.  We came here at about 6:00PM and were very tired so we went to a restaurant and started eating pizza when ten minutes later there were sirens.  The streets were crowded and we followed everyone into the buildings until we heard three bombs from Iron Dome and it passed.  I have two children, a boy, 9 and a daughter of 5.  We tried to sleep but it was very difficult thinking of what I would do.  My daughter came to me asking of the sounds outside were sirens. 

The truth is that our life was good in our old country but the reason that I made aliyah is that the number of Jews is going down dramatically and we didn’t want to be the last ones.  But I think about arriving here during the moment of the war with all the sirens and the bombs and ask if I made the right decision for my children and I start to cry.

The first two words I learned are siren and bomb shelter.

So, yes, we are very scared and each time I hear the siren I touch my children’s hearts and feel how hard it is beating.

I know that there are sirens everywhere and I realize that I need to start to live like this and we have grown accustomed to it.  I have only slept in my room one time since I arrived and every night we sleep in the shelter.


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