5 2020

Ask Dr. G: Connecting with Grandchildren through Meaning and Fun

7:00PM - 8:00PM  

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Ask Dr. G: Connecting with Grandchildren through Meaning and Fun

Wednesday, August 5

7 p.m.

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Kids who will help out without arguing. Teens who know how - and when - to speak respectfully. Children who are resilient when they don't get what they want immediately. It's not a dream! In our fast-paced world, it feels impossible to take the time to teach kids these important lessons. Grandparents are perfectly placed to teach children how - and why - to become great people. Despite the challenges of physically distancing, grandparents can not only enjoy their grandkids, they can keep guiding and influencing them as well. Dr. Deborah Gilboa, "Dr. G," gives strategies for using the love you have for your grandchildren, and a little bit of technology, to strengthen those young people and your relationships with them!


Resilience expert Dr. G works with families, organizations, and businesses to identify the mindset and strategies to turn stress to an advantage. Renowned for her contagious humor, Dr. G works with groups across multiple generations, to rewire their attitudes and beliefs, and create resilience through personal accountability and a completely different approach to adversity. She is leading media personality seen regularly on TODAYGood Morning America and The Doctors. She is also featured frequently in the Washington PostThe New TimesHuffington Post, and countless other digital and print outlets.  Dr. G is board certified attending family physician and is fluent in American Sign Language. She resides in Pittsburgh with her four boys. For more information visit