National Make a Will Month 

Right now, before the High Holidays begin, is an ideal time to create or review your will. 

Summertime’s slower pace and calmer energy compared to the rest of the year makes August the perfect time to make a will. 
Jewish Toledoans can establish endowments through their wills to help their community thrive long into the future. Bequests help to create a “safety net” for the Jewish community by:
sustaining established programs and encouraging their growth
providing relief from organizations’ and programs’ overhead costs
meeting increasing demands for services during economic downturns
Philanthropists seeking to care for the Jewish community years into the future can simply name Foundation or the Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo as a beneficiary when creating or modifying their estate plan. 
Unrestricted gifts enable Foundation's board members to consider the community's circumstances at that time and use a donor's generosity to respond to the day's most pressing needs. 
Restricted gifts, also known as designated funds, specify that a donor's kindness is directed solely to the specific programs or causes that were closest to their heart.
This August, before the new school year starts, work gets busier, and the High Holidays begin, take the opportunity to reflect upon your wishes and plan ahead.


Foundation welcomes all community members to partner in meeting current and future needs through a variety of planned giving and endowment opportunities. For more information, please contact Arleen R. Levine, Director, at or 419-724-0355. 

For more stories about Foundation, check out issues of the Toledo Jewish News online. Have a question about Foundation? Contact Arleen R. Levine at 419-724-0355 or