Our Philosophy


Gan Yeladim Preschool unites children, teachers, family, and community in a positive and constructive early childhood experience.

A child is viewed as a seed that we nurture with the utmost care.

Our Jewish values drive the curriculum, environment, and school culture. We model and encourage kindness, respect, compassion, confidence, and responsibility. Judaism teaches that the formative years of early childhood are vitally important. A child is viewed as a seed that we nurture with the utmost care, because the seed's every experience will shape and color the quality of its matured self.

Judaism underscores the uniqueness of every child with the axiom, "chanoch l'naar al pi darko," teaching us to train children according to their individual paths. We recognize that each child has his or her unique needs, interests, and passions. Our children are viewed as collaborators: they are competent, curious, inquisitive, unique, and creative.

Gan Yeladim Preschool believes in an experiential and intentional approach to teaching and learning. This approach fosters children's intellectual development as they are encouraged to explore their environment and express themselves through words, movement, drawing, painting, playing, and other natural modes of expression. We promote an environment where children can develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills for a successful and meaningful life.

Mission Statement


To share the beauty of Jewish traditions while fostering Jewish pride, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and respect for oneself and others. 


Core Standards 


1. Jewish Values are rich and relevant. 

We endeavor to provide a positive, meaningful experience of Jewish Values and traditions, woven naturally through all we do. Additionally, we strive to nurture and develop faith and trust in G-d. 


2. A child’s mind is open to learning when his/her emotional needs are met. 

We all want our children to learn. However, a child’s emotional wellbeing is a precursor to that. Seeing the child as an individual, with a particular voice, individual needs, and unique strengths sits at the foundation of their learning. Building a solid relationship with the child built on love, respect, and trust supports children’s optimal growth and development. The peacefulness that pervades our school is a result of our attitude. 


3. The teacher is most effective when s/he is completely in tune and intentional with the classroom vibe.         

The role of the teacher is to capture the myriad learning opportunities that present themselves throughout the day. When a teacher is "present" or "in tune" with the dynamically changing classroom vibe, the opportunities for authentic learning are maximized. Our teachers prepare carefully and intentionally, but - with assessments in real time - they can purposely adjust a lesson or take advantage of the teachable moment that arises organically.  


4. Teachers and parents who work in partnership are impactful. 

We strive to create an environment where our families are an integral part of our school culture. When a child is fortunate enough to have a seamless flow between his home and school life, it fills him/her with a sense of security and clarity. We work to build two-way communication based on complete trust and utmost respect with our parent body so that we can provide the child with a solid foundation for life. 


5. Teaching is a privilege and a responsibility. 

While each of our teachers has their own unique talents, they all share their view of children as innately competent beings, able to master self-regulation and to build their own knowledge. They create classroom environments where each child’s voice is honored. Our teachers engage in the study of Growth Mindset and believe that the teacher herself is a learner alongside the children, open to new thoughts and ideas. We are committed to strengthening and enriching our knowledge of young children by listening carefully to them and by continuing our own education.