JCRC supports, promotes, and connects

Jewish Community Relations Council's mission is to support the State of Israel, promote an understanding of Judaism, monitor legislative issues, build relationships with government officials and promote positive relations with other faith-based and ethnic communities in Northwest Ohio.


JCRC has many interest areas:


Israel advocacy, promoting support for Israel, is a main area of focus for the relations council. Advocacy is done through media relations, community relations, and pro-Israel advocacy within the Jewish community and in the greater community, speaking as a unified voice for the Toledo Jewish community, promotes Israel missions, Washington missions, and other pro-Israel or Jewish oriented educational opportunities for public officials and/or leaders in other faith, ethnic, or civic communities.


Fighting anti-semitism and promoting religious freedom 


The JCRC works with local, state and national organizations in combating anti-Semitism. It promotes religious freedom for all in our diverse society, viewing the separation of church and state as an important safeguard of that freedom. Issues of concern include religion in schools and accommodation of employees’ religious practices in the workplace.


Advocating for social, economic, and racial justice


Jewish prophetic tradition calls upon us to feed the hungry and give hope to the poor and promoted a just society. Joining with the Jewish Council on Public Affairs, JCRC is renewing its efforts to fight poverty by advocating for improved economic opportunity, health care, and education at all levels.


Promoting responsible environmentalism

Issues of global warming and energy independence both demonstrate the need for a renewed emphasis on environmental policy. JCRC, in conjunction with the Coalition on the Environment in Jewish Life, promotes responsible and intelligent policymaking that will allow us to preserve the environment for future generations.


Community relations


Promoting an understanding of Judaism, serving as an educational resource for non-Jewish communities and groups, responding to anti-Semitic instances or other hate crimes, and providing Holocaust education resources.


Monitor legislative issues of importance to the Jewish community of Northwest Ohio


Prepares issue briefings for the Jewish community on local, federal, and state legislative initiatives. Builds coalitions with other religious and ethnic communities or civil institutions in support or opposition of legislative initiatives of importance to the Jewish community. Corresponds directly with elected and other civic officials and coordinating community wide letter writing and phone call campaign when necessary.


Provides representation on various civic boards such as the Bureau of Community Relations, Multi-faith Council of NW Ohio, Sylvania Rotary, and the UT Student Union Board.


Daniel Pearlman – Director

Sue Ann Hochberg – Chair

Tom Kasle – Community Engagement Sub-Committee Chair

Dena Zack – Israel Advocacy Sub-Committee Chair

Rich Rusgo – President, Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo

Stephen Rothschild – Executive Director, Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo

For more information about JCRC or if you have questions, please contact Daniel Pearlman, Director at 419-724-0315 or daniel@jewishtoledo.org.