Want to learn more about antisemitism? Click here for an 11-minute video from the University of California, Berkeley titled "Antisemitism in Our Midst: Past and Present" with discussion questions. This video charts the history of antisemitism from its origins until today. It tackles the hard questions about different and changing forms of antisemitism, persistent anti-Jewish stereotypes, the complex racial position of Jews in contemporary America, and the precise line between criticism of Israel and antisemitism.


Here's another informative video: Unsafe Spaces: When Being Jewish Means You Don't Belong


What is antisemitism, and how has it evolved from a demonization of people to now also hostility towards Israel? What are some appropriate ways to respond to this prejudice against Jews and against the Jewish state? Learn more here.


When does criticism of the state of Israel cross over into antisemitism? Learn about the 3 "D"s: demonization of the country, double standards being unfairly imposed upon it, and delegitimization of Israel’s right to exist. 


The Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism at Indiana University works to analyze manifestations of prejudice and hatred against Jews. Learn more about its work by clicking here.


As Anti-Jewish prejudice increases dramatically, educational institutions are obligated to offer support to students, faculty, and staff members. Learn about the 3 "A"s - awareness, allyship, and action – and how campuses can implement them.


What can you do if you experience or witness incidents of antisemitism? Here are some ways to respond and take action.


Resources for schools and kids

Looking for books that teach children about topics like antisemitism, hate, genocide, and racism? Check out this book list compiled by the ADL for kids of all ages.


Voting and civic engagement

Are you an American citizen? It’s your civic duty to vote. Ohio residents, click here to register. Note: You must be registered to vote (or have updated your registration, if need be) before July 10 to vote in the August Special Election. You must be registered by October 10 to vote in the November General Election.


The Toledo Lucas County Public Library offers a wealth of resources covering local elections and elected officials, how to run for office, and other important civics information.


Racial justice and Jewish Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI)

Bigotry takes many forms. As Jews, we have experienced it for centuries. America's recent awakening around systemic problems faced by People of Color has mobilized us to actively address issues relating to racial justice and equity, both in our Jewish communities and in broader society. ​​Click here to learn more. JCRC mourns the tragic loss of Black lives and commits to fight for racial justice. Check out these great resources compiled by the Buffalo JCRC.



LGBTQ+ inclusion

Indy's JCRC has compiled a great list of resources on how to build an inclusive community for LGBTQ+ Jews. Click here to access these resources.



Jewish American Heritage Month

Here's an excellent list, prepared by the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington, about ways to celebrate Jewish American Heritage Month in May.


You can also learn more about this important annual event



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