23 2020


29 2020

NYL Cabinet Study Mission 2020


Contact Dana Shakarchy
(212) 284-6778

Explore the historic European Jewish societies of Riga and Paris. Each possessing a unique identity and each striving to adjust to the new challenges facing Jewish life.

Riga, located at the crossroads of Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Russia, was a once-thriving Jewish community of 85,000. The Holocaust wiped-out the Jewish community, and the country became part of the Soviet bloc. Jewish life only took root again in the early 1990’s when Latvia regained independence and today, the Jewish community of 7,500 is growing with the help of Federation’s overseas partners.

Paris is one of the most cosmopolitan and inspiring cities in the world. Its history has been defined since the Middle Ages by times of welcome and times of brutal persecution for the Jewish community – the largest outside of the US and Israel. But Jewish roots in France go back more than 2,000 years, and the cultural ties run deep. Jews are challenged with the question of whether or not to stay or move elsewhere. Federation’s partners are making both options available, through strengthening schools and providing social services for those in need, and promoting aliyah for those who wish to leave. As a bellwether for other industrialized western democracies, the current situation in France has the eyes and attention of the entire Jewish world.

Join us on this opportunity to witness the impact Federation's partners have on these two thriving cities.