19 2019

Northwest Ohio Jewish Book Festival 2019 - The Floating Feldmans

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Te'kela 3147 S. Main St.
Sylvania, OH 43560

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The Floating Feldmans
By Elyssa Friedland
7 p.m.
Te’kela Mexican Cocina Y Cantina
5147 South Main St.
$18 Appetizer reception and author presentation
$28 Appetizer reception, author presentation, and

Annette Feldman is turning 70 and she’s determined to use this
milestone birthday as an opportunity to bring her family together—
whether they like it or not. Annette has never been one to celebrate,
or even acknowledge, her birthday, but she’s promised her husband,
David, that she won’t share the real reason she’s forcing her family
on this trip. Instead, she uses good-old fashioned guilt to coax them
together. Begrudgingly, the Feldmans’ middle-aged and secretly debtridden
daughter Elise prepares her husband Mitch and teenage children
Rachel and Darius to set sail. Elise’s older brother Freddy—the familydisappointment-
packs his and his significantly younger girlfriend’s bags as well for the
family vacation. How bad could it be?

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