PJ Playdates and family and youth programming

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Mitzvah Pizza by Sarah Lynn Scheerger

Open to all families with kids in PJ Library

Friday, January 7 (front porch delivery)
$5 per kit – Feeds a family of 4


Mitzvah Pizza by Sarah Lynn Scheerger is about Missy’s experiences at a unique pizza place. Most Saturdays, Daddy brings the money and Missy brings the fun. But this time Missy is bringing the money, too -- and she’s trying to decide what to do with it! When they go to a pizzeria that helps feed everyone, including people who can’t pay, Missy makes a new friend -- and has an idea.


RSVP due by Monday, January 3 to: form.jotform.com/jewishtoledo/mitzvah-pizza

Any questions? Contact 419-724-0351 or registration@jewishtoledo.org

Family Zoo Scavenger Hunt


New date to be announced shortly.


Indian Creek Zoo – 2744 Consear Road, Lambertville, MI

$10 per family – Includes admission & snacks

Open to all families with young children


Join us for an afternoon of fun as we go on an adventurous search of the Indian Creek Zoo and all its residents.


RSVP to registration@jewishtoledo.org or 419-724-0351.

PJ Library® is completely FREE for families in the Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo region.


PJ Library® seeks to engage Jewish families with young children making bedtime story-time Jewish. Each participating child in our community will receive a high-quality Jewish children’s book or CD every month, from age six months through age eight.


Each book and CD comes with resources to help families use the selection in their home. The book and music list has been selected by the foremost children’s book experts and includes a wide array of themes related to Jewish holidays, folktales and Jewish family life.


NEW PJ Our Way

Do you have children ages 8.5 - 11? Building on the success of PJ Library, which gives the gift of Jewish children's books each month to more than 140,000 children ages six months to eight years old in North America, PJ Our Way allows program participants to select one of four books every month, giving them more choice on their journey toward being lifelong readers while introducing them to Jewish ideas.


As part of the program, PJ Our Way participants can create book trailers, videos, quizzes, author interviews, and other media to communicate with peers about the books. The PJ Our Way website provides these new avenues for discussion.

PJ Library book bags available! 
Sign up for an age appropriate bag filled with PJ library books for little ones.
Feel free to keep the books, return them to us or pass them on to another friend. 
Any questions? Contact Hallie Freed at 419-724-0362 or hallie@jewishtoledo.org