The Lion of Judah is perhaps the most successful development vehicle of all time and is a symbol of today’s Jewish Woman’s strength, a symbol of her caring about the organized Jewish world and a symbol of her financial commitment of at least $5,000 to the JFGT Annual Campaign.  Almost 17,000 women world-wide are Lions of Judah.  The Lion of Judah program has brought together women of all ages and from many walks of life in order to play an essential role in creating social justice, healing the sick, feeding the hungry, preserving human dignity and building Jewish identity.



The Lion of Judah Endowment is an endowment component of the Lion of Judah Major Gifts program. A LOJE is created by establishing a minimum fund of $100,000 or more in the donor’s name, ensuring the perpetuation of a donor’s Lion of Judah level annual campaign gift. A LOJE is a permanent restricted fund through the Toledo Jewish Community Foundation.

The Lion of Judah Endowment or LOJE is powerful statement of a donor’s commitment to tzedakah, providing a legacy for herself, her family and her community. Establishing a LOJE allows women the opportunity to the extra step to endow her gift in perpetuity. A LOJE may also choose to enhance her Lion of Judah pin by adding a flame, known in Hebrew as or l’atid, to recognize this commitment.


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